Tuesday, January 28, 2020

2020 Season: Week 14 Outlook

January 27 to February 2, 2020

We have discussed it before on the podcast, but in the past weeks it seems like all the major podcasters out there (FRL, Bloodround, Inside Trip, Always Aggressive, etc) were expressing their thoughts on the differences (and beliefs) of having a National Dual Team Champion.

Why don’t I add my two cents.

To start, a note:

          ***In no way am I suggesting that the individual NCAA Tournament be replaced nor have any Dual Team Tournament add/subtract from points/allocations to the individual NCAA Tournament***

OK, moving on.

There is nothing like the NCAA Tournament.  The atmosphere and the buzz before, during, and after each session is like nothing else for those that follow the sport of wrestling. And this year there may be a passing of the torch in March when it comes to the 2020 NCAA Team Champion. But, is it really a team championship?

By definition and procedure of the rules, yes. Each team has the ability to qualify 10 wrestlers through their respective conference tournaments given the allocations acquired by each conference per weight. Some teams qualify all ten, some qualify just one or two (sometimes none). From there, the National Tournament takes place with each qualified wrestler acquiring points for their school. At the end, the school with the most points is deemed to be the best team in the country.

But you already knew this.

Now, it has been shown that in order to get into the team top four at the National Tournament you don’t need to have the most national champions or the most finalists. It’s about having the most bullets in the gun (to quote Cristian Pyles) to give you the most opportunities to place as an All-American. This can be done with less than half of a team’s roster, though.

Wrestling is unique, not only that there is an international style that is stylistically different than what is practiced in the United States, but that the style that is practiced in the USA has two different formats and scoring systems for those formats.

Again, no one is questioning the awesome power that the NCAA Tournament has on the American wrestling fan, but stop me if you’ve heard this before: duals are fan friendly, shorter in time, and an easier way to expand interest to those unfamiliar with the rules/scoring/intricacies of the sport.

To me, the true test of a team, from 125 to 285, is to match up directly against another. 10 on 10, your guy vs my guy. Your best wrestler can only score 6 team points, and you “weakest link” can end up a hero.

This past week, we saw some GREAT duals, whether it was Penn State @ Nebraska, North Carolina @ Virginia Tech, or Purdue @ Rutgers. Some may call it a fluke, and in some of the most exciting times it absolutely is. But don’t sit there and say you don’t get excited during the NCAA Basketball tournament when a George Mason makes a run to the Semi-Finals. 

Liam Cronin "shit talk upset" via BTN

Starting out small, maybe something like the “Bowl Series” can come back where the best of the other conferences faces off against a Big Ten team. Maybe eventually we can move to a committee where the top eight teams enter a bracket format. Maybe one day we will have enough teams to have a more intricate selection process like UEFA Champions League (ask me about it, ive though about this concept for a while).

Ultimately, the point is moot. The coaches at the top programs have shown that they do not want to participate in any type of dual because there is nothing that they get back (right now) that makes a dual tournament worth their time or risk (of injury). And to add to that, the NCAA has said they will not have a second trophy in the same year for wrestling. 

There’s a phrase in economics that translates to a lot of aspects of normal life, and to wrestling too: “Incentives Matter”.

If there is no incentive to participate, the top programs (and the fan bases that follow them), will not be apart of any outside NCAA sanctioned competition. Maybe a donation to their RTC or their wrestling program. Maybe a trophy for the top three teams. Maybe a grant or the remaining 0.1 in scholarships. I don’t know, I’m just spit balling.

That’s my two cents.

This week is, you guessed it, another dual heavy week. We do have the Edinboro Open, which has been an opportunity for those needing extra matches to enter and can maybe be a boost to your roster this week. Entries are still coming though, so stay tuned and refresh often. We are only two weeks away from the start of the playoffs… make your push!

Be sure to listen to my podcast for the Week 14 Outlook with details and news on the wrestlers listed below and why I picked them as guys I like this week to represent my roster, and make sure to follow me on twitter (@FantasyD1Wrestl)  for updates to tournament participants as I find them, as entries and information on who is/is not competing update daily.

Wrestlers I Like This Week:

(Wrestler: competition for the week [projected Fantasy pts])


Dylan Ryder (Hofstra)- Vs Davidson, @ Hofstra Tri [+11]
Joe Manchio (Columbia)- @ Long Island, @ Hofstra Tri [+3]

Pat Glory (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+12]
Spencer Lee (Iowa)- Vs Penn State, @ Michigan State [+11]
Joey Melendez (North Carolina)- Vs Duke, Vs Bucknell [+10]
Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)- Vs SD State, Vs Missouri [+7]
Sidney Flores (Air Force)- @ Utah Valley, @Fresno State [+7]
Devin Schroder (Purdue)- Vs Minnesota, Vs Wisconsin [+6]
Michael Coliaocco (U Penn)- @ Brown, @ Harvard [+6]
Jacob Schwarm (UNI)- @ Oklahoma [+4] 
Drew Hildebrant (Central Michigan)- @ Ohio, @ Cleveland State [+0]

Bryce West (Northern Illinois)- @ SIU-Edwardsville [+5]
Korbin Meink (Campbell)- @ Gardner-Webb [+5]
Alex Mackall (Iowa State)- @ Fresno State [+4]
Jack Mueller (Virginia)- Vs Virginia Tech [+4]
Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh)- @ Army [+3]
Jakob Camacho (NC State)- @ Pittsburgh [+3]


Angelo Rini (Columbia)- @ Long Island, @ Hofstra Tri [+10]
Casey Cobb (Navy)- @ American, @ Drexel, Edinboro Open? [+9]
Gary Joint (Fresno State)- Vs Iowa State, Vs Air Force, Vs CSU-B [+3]

Seth Gross (Wisconsin)- @ Indiana, @ Purdue [+9]
Austin DeSanto (Iowa)- Vs Penn State, @ Michigan State [+7]
Carmen Ferrante (U Penn)- @ Brown, @ Harvard [+6]

Caleb Brooks (Northern Illinois)- @ SIU-Edwardsville [+5]
Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley)- Vs Air Force [+4]
Ridge Lovett (Nebraska)- Vs Ohio State [+3] 
Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern)- @ Illinois [+3]
Montorie Bridges (Wyoming)- @ Oregon State [+3]
Josh Mason (Bloomsburg)- @ Ohio [+3]
Noah Gonser (Campbell)- @ Gardner-Webb [+3]


Matthew Kazmir (Columbia)- @ Long Island, @ Hofstra Tri [+13]
Wil Gill (Franklin & Marshall)- Vs Bucknell, @ Hofstra Tri [+5] 

Mitch McKee (Minnesota)- @ Purdue, @ Indiana [+10]
Zach Sherman (North Carolina)- Vs Duke, Vs Bucknell [+9]
Dylan Duncan (Illinois)- Vs Michigan State, Vs Northwestern [+8]
Tristan Moran (Wisconsin)- @ Indiana, @ Purdue [+8]
Marshall Keller (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+8]
Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)- Vs Maryland, @Nebraska [+7]
Nick Lee (Penn State)- @ Iowa, Vs Maryland [+7]
Lenny Petersen (Air Force)- @ Utah Valley, @Fresno State [+7]

Real Woods (Stanford)- @ Arizona State [+5]
Ian Parker (Iowa State)- @ Fresno State [+3]
Dom Demas (UNI)- @ Oklahoma [+3]
Grant Willits (Oregon State)- Vs Wyoming [+3]
Josh Heil (Campbell)- @ Gardner-Webb [+3]


Reece Heller (Hofstra)- Vs Davidson, Hofstra Tri [+11]
Greg Gaxiola (Fresno State)- Vs Iowa State, Vs Air Force, Vs CSU-B [+3]

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)- Vs Maryland, @Nebraska [+9]
Austin O’Connor (North Carolina)- Vs Duke, Vs Bucknell [+8]
Mike D’Angelo (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+7]
Pat Lugo (Iowa)- Vs Penn State, @ Michigan State [+6]
Brayton Lee (Minnesota)- @ Purdue, @ Indiana [+6]
Kizahn Clarke (American)- Vs Navy, Vs Binghamton [+6]

Pj Ogunsayna (Army)- Vs Lehigh [+5]
Josh Maruca (Arizona State)- Vs Stanford [+4]
Kanen Storr (Michigan)- @ Rutgers [+3]
Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado)- Vs ND State [+3]
Max Thomsen (UNI)- @ Oklahoma [+3]


Kyle Mosher (Columbia)- @ Long Island, @ Hofstra Tri [+10]

AC Headlee (North Carolina)- Vs Duke, Vs Bucknell [+8]
Anthony Artalona (U Penn)- @ Brown, @ Harvard [+7]
Quincy Monday (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+7]
Kaleb Young (Iowa)- Vs Penn State, @ Michigan State [+7]
Kendall Coleman (Purdue)- Vs Minnesota, Vs Wisconsin [+6]
Justin Ruffin (SIU-Edwardsville)- Vs Little Rock, Vs Northern Illinois [+6]

Jason Krassier (Campbell)- @ Gardner-Webb [+6]
Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)- @ Illinois [+4]
David Carr (Iowa State)- @ Fresno State [+4]
Justin Thomas (Oklahoma)- Vs UNI [+4]
Hayden Hidlay (NC State)- @ Pittsburgh [+3]
Will Lewan (Michigan)- @ Rutgers [+3]
Matthew Zovistoski (Appalachian State)- @ Chattanooga [+3]


Tanner Skidgel (Navy)- @ American, @ Drexel, Edinboro Open? [+7]
Ricky Stam (Hofstra)- Vs Davidson, Hofstra Tri [+4]

Evan Wick (Wisconsin)- @ Indiana, @ Purdue [+10]
David McFadden (Virginia Tech)- @ Virginia, @ Old Dominion [+8]
Alex Marinelli (Iowa)- Vs Penn State, @ Michigan State [+7] (RP)
Danny Braunagel (Illinois)- Vs Michigan State, Vs Northwestern [+6]
Zach Hartman (Bucknell)- @ Franklin & Marshall, @ North Carolina [+6]

Andrew Fogarty (ND State)- @ Northern Colorado [+4]
Isaiah White (Nebraska)- Vs Ohio State [+3]
Quentin Perez (Campbell)- @ Gardner-Webb [+3]


Sage Heller (Hofstra)- Vs Davidson, Hofstra Tri [+11]

Kevin Parker (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+9]
Mark Hall (Penn State)- @ Iowa, Vs Maryland [+7
Joey Gunther (Illinois)- Vs Michigan State, Vs Northwestern [+6]
Dylan Lydy (Purdue)- Vs Minnesota, Vs Wisconsin [+6] 

Hayden Hastings (Wyoming)- @ Oregon State [+5]
Lorenzo De La Riva (ND State)- @ Northern Colorado [+4]
Andrew McNally (Kent State)- Vs Cleveland State [+4]
Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)- Vs Stanford [+4]
Bryce Steiert (UNI)- @ Oklahoma [+3]
Jordan Kutler (Lehigh)- @ Army [+3]
Mike Labriola (Nebraska)- Vs Ohio State [+3] 
Michael O’Malley (Drexel)- Vs Navy [+3]


Zach Braunagel (Illinois)- Vs Michigan State, Vs Northwestern [+6]

Cole Urbas (U Penn)- @ Brown, @ Harvard [+10]
Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech)- @ Virginia, @ Old Dominion [+8]
Travis Stefanik (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+6]
Tanner Harvey (American)- Vs Navy, Vs Binghamton [+1]

Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)- Vs Stanford [+6]
Taylor Lujan (UNI)- @ Oklahoma [+5]
Taylor Venz (Nebraska)- Vs Ohio State [+4]
Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois)- @ SIU-Edwardsville [+4]
Trevor Allard (Bloomsburg)- @ Ohio [+3] 


Jake Koser (Navy)- @ American, @ Drexel, Edinboro Open? [+9]

Pat Brucki (Princeton)- @ Harvard, @ Brown [+10]
Shakur Rasheed (Penn State)- @ Iowa, Vs Maryland [+9]
Kollin Moore (Ohio State)- Vs Maryland, @Nebraska [+7]
Christian Brunner (Purdue)- Vs Minnesota, Vs Wisconsin [+7]
Drew Phipps (Bucknell)- @ Franklin & Marshall, @ North Carolina [+7]
Tanner Sloan (SD State)- @ Oklahoma State, @ Little Rock [+3]

Jacob Woodley (Oklahoma)- Vs UNI [+5]
Gage Braun (Northern Illinois)- @ SIU-Edwardsville [+5]
Lucas Davison (Northwestern)- @ Illinois [+3] 
Jay Aiello (Virginia)- Vs Virginia Tech [+3]


Josh Hokit (Fresno State)- Vs Iowa State, Vs Air Force, Vs CSU-B [+10]

Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa)- Vs Penn State, @ Michigan State [+10]
Matt Stencel (Central Michigan)- @ Ohio, @ Cleveland State [+10]
Gable Steveson (Minnesota)- @ Purdue, @ Indiana [+9]
Andrew Gunning (North Carolina)- Vs Duke, Vs Bucknell [+8]
Trent Hillger (Wisconsin)- @ Indiana, @ Purdue [+7]
Yaraslau Slavilouski (Harvard)- Vs Princeton, Vs U Penn [+6]

Mason Parris (Michigan)- @ Rutgers [+6]
Jere Heino (Campbell)- @ Gardner-Webb [+6]
Tanner Hall (Arizona State)- Vs Stanford [+4]
Brian Andrews (Wyoming)- @ Oregon State [+4]
Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley)- Vs Air Force [+3]
Jordan Wood (Lehigh)- @ Army [+3]
Cary Miller (Appalachian State)- @ Chattanooga [+3]

If you think I missed someone, comment below and set me straight!


Monday, January 20, 2020

2020 Season: Week 13 Outlook

January 20 to January 26, 2020

There’s a famous cartoon skit, you may have seen it when you were a kid. It involves Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck:

Via Gify

As happy as a lot of wrestling fans are that we are into the second half of the NCAA Wrestling season, which means in conference duals and head to head competitions, they should have tempered their expectations as it is known that it’s also the beginning of Duck Season.

I thought we were past this. I though all the discussion last year of seed protecting and ducking was going to change. But then again, why would I think that? Nothing was put in place to change how coaches are now skirting the rules and how those who actually show up to wrestle receive no more consideration over those that do not.

A few weeks ago, I wrote in the Week 11 Outlook about the perception of Spencer Lee ducking out of Midlands early. Well, this week we had another helping of duck.

via Gify

Two come to mind this week as 184 Lou DePrez (Binghamton) was supposed to square off against Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) in a battle of a (almost) unanimous #2 vs #6, but DePrez and Binghamton ended up FFT-ing to Bolen.  Then, over in Ann Arbor Michigan, a super match of 285 Gable Steveson (Minnesota) v Mason Parris (Michigan) was going to prove if Steveson is the king of 285 or if Parris had jumped levels to be a National Champion contender. That too ended up not happening either as Steveson did not wrestle. At least Minnesota sent someone out (even if Parris ended up pinning him in just under 4 minutes.

There are a lot of other cases we have seen this year, from 125 Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) not wrestling RBY or 141 Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State) and 174 Joe Smith (Oklahoma State) being oddly absent in recent duals. Then there’s lesser profiled ducks like 149 Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) against Max Thomsen (UNI).

If they are injuries, fine. I get it. This sport is tough, long, and having to make weight once or multiple times a week can be draining on the mind and body. But if they are not, it creates a whole new issue which may leave the growth of the sport stagnant to us die hard fans.

At the end of the day, whether Spencer Lee is the #1 seed of the #12 seed, everyone will still have him as the guy to beat come March. But, since the NCAA now seeds all 33 participants, it is assumed that being the #1 seed will be an easier path compared to that of the #12.

But when a wrestler has only 18 matches for the season, has not faced the top competition in their weight class, and has the “past history” credential of having post season success, does he deserve a high seed than that of the 29-4 wrestler who faced all the competition he was faced with, does the first wrestler deserve the better seed? Obviously it depends and every situation needs to be handled on its own merits. 149 Kizahn Clarke (American) has wrestled 35 times, but hasn’t faced the quality of competition as compared to Pat Lugo (Iowa) who only has 13 matches this season.

We have talked about it briefly (and probably will again this week) about our idea of trying to help alleviate the ducking problem at hand.

Much like what the international circuit is starting to do, and what High Schools have been doing for some time, is having a “ranking” or “prestige point” system attached to an individual during the season. Along with this, there should be some sort of “match participation” point system to encourage facing tougher competition rather than ducking it.

Listen in to the Week 13 podcast for more details and explanation of our ideas to encourage match participation rather than duck it so it can’t be held against them.

Two tournaments this week include the All-Academy Championships and the Appalachian State. There is also the California Collegiate Open, but not a lot of D1 competition will be there.

Be sure to listen to my podcast for the Week 13 Outlook with details and news on the wrestlers listed below and why I picked them as guys I like this week to represent my roster, and make sure to follow me on twitter (@FantasyD1Wrestl)  for updates to tournament participants as I find them, as entries and information on who is/is not competing update daily.

Wrestlers I Like This Week:

(Wrestler: competition for the week [projected Fantasy pts])

Sean Carter (Appalachian State)- Vs Duke, Appalachian State Open? [+6 FFT]

Devin Schroder (Purdue)- @ Indiana, @Maryland, @ Rutgers [+9]

Louis Newell (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+9] 
Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)- @ UNI, @Iowa State [+7]

Spencer Lee (Iowa)- Vs Ohio State [+6]
Jack Mueller (Virginia)- @ NC State [+4]
Jackson DiSario (Stanford)- @ Utah Valley [+4]
Tomas Gutierrez (Kent State)- @ Buffalo [+4]

Codi Russell (Appalachian State)- Vs Duke, Appalachian State Open? [+5]

Noah Gonser (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+9 or +3] 
Devan Turner (Oregon State)- Camel Duals (x2) [+8 or +2] 
Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers)- Vs Indiana, Vs Purdue [+7]
Montore Bridges (Wyoming)- Vs CSUB, Vs Utah Valley [+7]
Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+7]
Allan Hart (Missouri)- Vs Northern Illinois, Vs Cleveland State [+7]
Chaz Tucker (Cornell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+6]

Mario Guillen (Ohio)- @ SIU-E [+5]
Austin DeSanto (Iowa)- Vs Ohio State [+4] 
Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado)- Vs CSU Bakersfield [+4]

Joey Silva (Michigan)- @ Northwestern, @ Illinois (Personal Risky Pick if Rivera doesn’t wrestle)

Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+9]
Dom Demas (Oklahoma)- @ ND State, @ SD State [+8]
Josh Heil (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+8]
Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)- @ Iowa, @ Minnesota [+6] 
Noah Baughman (Cornell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+7]
Sa’Derian Perry (Old Dominion)- @ Edinboro, @ Clarion [+6]

Real Woods (Stanford)- @ Utah Valley [+4]

John Millner (Appalachian State)- Vs Duke, Appalachian State Open? [+3]

Jason Kraisser (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+9 or +3] (RP)
Hunter Richard (Cornell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+8]
Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State)- (Oklahoma State)- @ UNI, @Iowa State [+7]
Brock Mauller (Missouri)- Vs Northern Illinois, Vs Cleveland State [+7]
Kanen Storr Michigan)- @ Northwestern, @ Illinois [+7] *
Collin Purinton (Nebraska)- Vs Penn State. Vs Michigan State [+6]
Brock Zacherl (Clarion)- @ Michigan State, Vs Old Dominion [+6]

Austin O’Connor (North Carolina)- @ Virginia Tech [+4] 
Requir van der Merwe (Stanford)- @ Utah Valley [+4]
Colston DiBlasi (George Mason)- @ Rider [+4]

Matthew Zovistoski (Appalachian State)- Vs Duke, Appalachian State Open? [+4]

Kendall Coleman (Purdue)- @ Indiana, @Maryland, @ Rutgers [+10]

Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+8]
Jarrett Jacques (Missouri)- Vs Northern Illinois, Vs Cleveland State [+7]
Larry Early (Old Dominion)- @ Edinboro, @ Clarion [+7]
Hunter Laidnier (Harvard)- @ Cornell, @ Binghamton [+7]

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)- Vs Michigan [+4]
Tyler Eischens (Stanford)- @ Utah Valley [+5]
David Carr (Iowa State)- Vs Oklahoma State [+3]
Hayden Hidlay (NC State)- Vs Virginia [+5]

Quentin Perez (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+8]
Cole Moody (Wyoming)- Vs CSUB, Vs Utah Valley [+7]
Zach Hartman (Bucknell)- Vs Sacred Heart, Vs Drexel [+7]
Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State)- @ UNI, @Iowa State [+6]
Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+6]

Phillip Conigliaro (Harvard)- @ Cornell, @ Binghamton [+6] 
Alex Marinelli (Iowa)- Vs Ohio State [+4]
Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State)- Vs Oklahoma [+4]
Tanner Cook (South Dakota State)- Vs Oklahoma [+4]
Shane Griffith (Stanford)- @ Utah Valley [+4]
Thomas Bullard (NC State)- Vs Virginia [+3]
Danny Braunagel (Illinois)- Vs Michigan [+3]
David McFadden (Virginia Tech)- Vs North Carolina [+3] 

Dylan Lydy  (Purdue)- @ Indiana, @Maryland, @ Rutgers [+3] 

Brandon Womack (Cornell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+10]
Anthony Manatonona (Oklahoma)- @ ND State, @ SD State [+7] 
Jeremiah Kent (Missouri)- Vs Northern Illinois, Vs Cleveland State [+7]
Hayden Hastings (Wyoming)- Vs CSUB, Vs Utah Valley [+7]
Colt Doyle (Oregon State)- Camel Duals (x2) [+7] 
Jacob Oliver (Edinboro)- Vs Old Dominion, @ Pittsburgh [+6]

Michael Kemerer (Iowa)- Vs Ohio State [+4] 
Clay Lautt (North Carolina)- @ Virginia Tech [+4]
Daniel Bullard (NC State)- Vs Virginia [+4]
Andrew McNally (Kent State)- @ Buffalo [+4]
Michael O’Malley (Drexel)- @ Bucknell [+4]
Joey Gunther (Illinois)- Vs Michigan [+3]


Tate Samuelson (Wyoming)- Vs CSUB, Vs Utah Valley [+8]
Lou DePrez (Binghamton)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+8]
Taylor Venz (Nebraska)- Vs Penn State, Vs Michigan State) [+7] 
Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+7]
Andrew Morgan (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+7 or +1] 
Jelani Embree (Michigan)- @ Northwestern, @ Illinois [+6] 

Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech)- Vs North Carolina [+4]
Trent Hidlay (NC State)- Vs Virginia [+4]


Christian Brunner (Purdue)- @ Indiana, @Maryland, @ Rutgers [+4]

Ben Darmstadt (Cornell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+11]
Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State)- @ UNI, @Iowa State [+9]
Chris Kober (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+9] 
Greg Bulsak (Clarion)- @ Michigan State, Vs Old Dominion [+8]
Kollin Moore (Ohio State)- @ Iowa, @ Wisconsin [+7] 
Jake Woodley (Oklahoma)- @ ND State, @ SD State [+3] 

Thomas Lane (Cal Poly)- @ California Baptist [+4]
Ethan Laird (Rider)- Vs George Mason [+4]
Nathan Traxler (Stanford)- @ Utah Valley [+3]

 Cary Miller (Appalachian State)- Vs Duke, Appalachian State Open? [+5]

Mason Parris (Michigan)- @ Northwestern, @ Illinois [+10]
Demetrius Thomas (Pittsburgh)- @ Duke, Vs Edinboro [+8]
Jere Heino (Campbell)- Camel Duals (x2) [+7]
Yaraslau Slavilouski (Harvard)- @ Cornell, @ Binghamton [+7]
Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley)- Vs Stanford, @Wyoming [+7]

Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa)- Vs Ohio State [+5]
Gable Steveson (Minnesota)- Vs Ohio State [+5]
Brandon Metz (North Dakota State)- Vs Oklahoma [+4]

If you think I missed someone, comment below and set me straight!


Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 Season Week 12 Outlook

 January 13 to January 19, 2020

No real preface to this week’s outlook. I didn’t have the time nor the effort really. What can I say, it’s not like I’m getting paid for this.

But this week is strictly duals. And when I say duals, I means one, two, or possibly three duals available per wrestler. There may be some available Opens, but doesn’t seem likely. Make you choices wisely... or just listen to me.

via ACC

Be sure to listen to my podcast for the Week 12 Outlook with details and news on the wrestlers listed below and why I picked them as guys I like this week to represent my roster, and make sure to follow me on twitter (@FantasyD1Wrestl)  for updates to tournament participants as I find them, as entries and information on who is/is not competing update daily.

Wrestlers I Like This Week:

(Wrestler: competition for the week [projected Fantasy pts])

Michael Colaiocco (U Penn)- @ Army, Vs Binghamton, Vs Long Island [+10]
Luke Werner (Lock Haven)- @ Appalachian State, @ Old Dominion, @ George Mason [+10] (Risky Pick)

Jackson DiSario (Stanford)- @ Cal Poly, @ Cal Baptist [+9] 
Drew Hildebrant (Central Michigan)- Vs Missouri, Vs SIU-E [+8]
Jacob Schwarm (UNI)- @ Northern Colorado, @ Air Force [+8]
Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)- Vs West Virginia, Vs Pittsburgh [+8]
Jack Mueller (Virginia)- Vs Chattanooga, Vs VMI [+7]
Pat McKee (Minnesota)- @ Michigan State, @ Michigan [+7]
Alex Mackall (Iowa State)- @ SD State, @ ND State [+6]
Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh)- Vs American, Vs Navy [+6]
Jeremy Trihn (Fresno State) – Vs Duke [+6 FFT]
Alejandro Hernandez-Figueroa (CSUB)- Vs Duke [+6 FFT]
Spencer Lee (Iowa)- Vs Nebraska [+5]
Korbin Meink (Campbell)- Vs The Citadel [+4]

Carmen Ferrante (U Penn)- @ Army, Vs Binghamton, Vs Long [+12]
DJ Fehlman (Lock Haven)- @ Appalachian State, @ Old Dominion, @ George Mason [+11]

Louie Hayes (Virginia)- Vs Chattanooga, Vs VMI [+8]
Michael Jaffe (Harvard)- @ F&M, @ Bucknell [+7] (Risky Pick)
Joey Silva (Michigan)- Vs Maryland, Vs Minnesota [+6]
Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers)- Vs Cornell, @ Penn State [+6]  (Risky Pick)

Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern)- Vs Indiana [+5]
Austin DeSanto (Iowa)- Vs Nebraska [+4]
Seth Gross (Wisconsin)- Vs Ohio State [+4]
Gary Joint (Fresno State)- Vs Duke [+4]
Derek Spann (Buffalo)- @ Clarion [+4]
Chance Rich (CSUB)- Vs Duke [+4]
Noah Gonser (Campbell)- Vs The Citadel [+3]

Wil Gill (Franklin & Marshall)- Vs Harvard, Vs Sacred Heart, Vs Brown [+11]

Real Woods (Stanford)- @ Cal Poly, @ Cal Baptist [+10]
Mitch McKee (Minnesota)- @ Michigan State, @Michigan [+9]
Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State)- Vs West Virginia, Vs Pittsburgh [+8]
Tariq Wilson (NC State)- @ Drexel, @ Hofstra [+8]
Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)- @ Wisconsin, Vs Illinois [+7]
Ian Parker (Iowa State)- @ SD State, @ ND State [+7]
Shakur Laney (Ohio)- @ Kent State, @ Cleveland State [+6] (Risky Pick)

Josh Heil (Campbell)- Vs The Citadel [+5]
Dom Demas (Oklahoma)- Vs West Virginia [+4]
Nick Lee (Penn State)- vs Rutgers [+4]

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)- @ Wisconsin, Vs Illinois [+10]
Alec Hagan (Ohio)- @ Kent State, @ Cleveland State [+8]
Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech)- @ Binghamton, @ Cornell [+8]

Brock Mauller (Missouri)- @ Central Michigan, @ Kent State [+7]
Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State)- Vs West Virginia, Vs Pittsburgh [+7]
Brock Zacherl (Clarion)- Vs Buffalo, @ Bloomsburg [+7]
Kizahn Clarke (American)- @ Lehigh, @ Columbia [+6]

Anthony Artalona (U Penn)- @ Army, Vs Binghamton, Vs Long [+12] or [+6]

Hayden Hidlay (NC State)- @Drexel, @ Hofstra [+10]
Justin McCoy (Virginia)- Vs Chattanooga, Vs VMI [+8]
David Carr (Iowa State)- @ SD State, @ ND State [+7]
Josh Humprheys (Lehigh)- Vs American, Vs Navy [+7]
Jarrett Jacques (Missouri)- @ Central Michigan, @ Kent State [+7]
Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider)- Vs Edinboro, @ Old Dominion [+7] (Risky Pick)
Will Lewan (Michigan)- Vs Maryland, Vs Minnesota [+6] 

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)- Vs Indiana [+5]
Jacob Wright (Fresno State)- Vs Duke [+4]
Jacori Teemer (Arizona State)- Vs Oregon [+4]

Shane Griffith (Stanford)- @ Cal Poly, @ Cal Baptist [+10]
Peyton Mocco  (Missouri)- @ Central Michigan, @ Kent State [+8]  (Risky Pick)
David McFadden (Virginia Tech)- @ Binghamton, @ Cornell [+8]
Tommy Bullard (NC State)- @ Drexel, @ Hofstra [+7] (Risky Pick)
Zach Hartman (Bucknell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+7]  (Risky Pick)
Drew Hughes (Michigan State)- Vs Minnesota, Vs Maryland [+6]

Phillip Conigliaro (Harvard)- @F&M, @ Bucknell [+1]

Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)- Vs Rutgers [+4]
Josh Shields (Arizona State)- Vs Oregon [+4]
Quentin Perez (Campbell)- Vs The Citadel [+4]

Neal Richards (VMI)- @ Virginia, Vs Chattanooga [+8]
Devin Skatzka (Minnesota)- @ Michigan State, @Michigan [+7]
Kaleb Romero (Ohio State)- @ Wisconsin, Vs Illinois [+7]
Bryce Steiert (UNI)- @ Northern Colorado, @ Air Force [+7]
Brandon Womack (Cornell)-@ Rutgers, Vs Virginia Tech [+7]
Jordan Kutler (Lehigh)- Vs American, Vs Navy [+7]
Michael O’Malley (Drexel)- Vs NC State, Vs Binghamton [+1] 

Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)- Vs Oregon [+6]
Mark Hall (Penn State)- Vs Rutgers [+4]
Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma)- Vs West Virginia [+4]
Ben Harvey (Army)- Vs U Penn [+3] 

Corey Hazel (Lock Haven)- @ Appalachian State, @ Old Dominion, @ George Mason [+9]
Lou DePrez (Binghamton)- Vs Virginia Tech, @ U Penn, @Drexel [+6]

Taylor Lujan (UNI)- @ Northern Colorado, @ Air Force [+9] 
Dylan Wisman  (Missouri)- @ Central Michigan, @ Kent State [+8]
Trent Hidlay (NC State)- @ Drexel, @ Hofstra [+8]
Brandon Kui (Brown)- @ Bucknell, @ F&M [+8] (Risky Pick)
Jelani Embree (Michigan)- Vs Maryland, Vs Minnesota [+7]
Cam Caffey (Michigan State)- Vs Minnesota, Vs Maryland [+7]
Trevor Allard (Bloomsburg)- Vs Edinboro, Vs Clarion [+7]

Aaron Brooks (Penn State)- Vs Rutgers [+4]
Noah Stewart (Army)- Vs U Penn [+4]
Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois)- Vs Little Rock [4]
Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)- Vs Oregon [+4]
Andrew Morgan (Campbell)- Vs The Citadel [+4]

Drew Phipps (Bucknell)- Vs Harvard, Vs Brown [+9]
Kollin Moore (Ohio State)- @ Wisconsin, Vs Illinois [+8]
Ben Darmstadt (Cornell)- @ Rutgers, Vs Virginia Tech [8]
Greg Bulsak (Clarion)- Vs Buffalo, @ Bloomsburg [+8]
Nick Reenan (NC State)- @ Drexel, @ Hofstra [+8]
Nathan Traxler (Stanford)- @ Cal Poly, @ Cal Baptist [+8]
Jay Aiello (Virginia)- Vs Chattanooga, Vs VMI [+6]

Gage Braun (Northern Illinois)- Vs Little Rock [+5] 
Shakur Rasheed (Penn State)- Vs Rutgers [+4]
Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado)- Vs UNI [+4]
Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State)- Vs Iowa State [+4]

Matt Stencel (Central Michigan)- Vs Missouri, Vs SIU-E [+9]
Gable Steveson (Minnesota)- @ Michigan State, @Michigan [+8]
Jordan Wood (Lehigh)- Vs American, Vs Navy [+6]
Mason Parris (Michigan)- Vs Maryland, Vs Minnesota [+3]

Josh Hokit (Fresno State)- Vs Duke [+5]
Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa)- Vs Nebraska [+4]
Demetrius Thomas (Pittsburgh)- @ Oklahoma State [+4]
Jere Heino (Campbell)- Vs The Citadel [+4]
Cary Miller (Appalachian State)- Vs Lock Haven [+3] 

If you think I missed someone, comment below and set me straight!